No old wives' tales, nothing expensive or tricky -
just common-sense instructions for
when something hits your carpet that could leave a stain:

1.      Don't delay. Remove spills  promptly, as old stains are harder to remove.

2.      Start by scraping off any solid matter with the back of a small knife, scraping towards the centre of the spill, and without pushing solids or liquid further into the fibres.

3.      For a liquid spill:

  • Blot liquid to soak up as much as you can.

  • To dilute a wet (fresh) spill, get a jug of warm water and several towels.
    Gently pour some of the water over the entire spill, dab with a towel (never scrub or rub at carpet!), and then lay two folded towels over the wet area.
    Walk over the towels for a couple of minutes to draw the water and the spilt liquid up into the towel together.


  • Replace with dry towels as necessary, and continue stepping on the area.

  • Repeat with further small amounts of water and stepping until the spill is gone or until you've had enough!

4.      If the liquid is cat or dog urine (and it's a fresh 'deposit'), it's especially important to keep up the diluting and stepping for several minutes, to reduce the likelihood of it becoming smelly and leaving a noticeable stain. Never scrub or rub at carpet!

5.      A tiny amount (a drop or two) of detergent can be added to the warm water, but be careful: too much product can leave another stubborn stain, or can be too difficult to flush out and the area will re-soil.

6.      Never  scrub or rub at carpet to remove  a spill or stain! It may permanently damage the fibres and always be visible. 

7.      If in doubt call Kerry for a quick chat.


Call Kerry on 0800 566 576 

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