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Advanced Carpet Cleaning don't just clean carpets! They also offer a comprehensive and professional cleaning service for all your upholstery as well.


If you've noticed your furniture looking not-so-flash, it's not surprising given the daily use it endures. But the remedy is simple.


Steam cleaning will clean and refresh your furniture, and doing it regularly will ensure your favourite furniture lasts longer.


Steam cleaning will remove dry soil contaminants like:


  • household dust

  • gritty dust from outdoors

  • food crumbs

  • dust mites

  • pollen

  • pet hair

  • plus the normal odours that gather on your favourite chairs!


And then there're the spills, usually food and drink. They can leave stains that only steam cleaning will remove, and you’d be amazed at what else unexpectedly lands on furniture:


  • candle wax

  • felt pen

  • wallpaper glue

  • paint

  • baby sick ... no end of things!


Mould and mildew can also be an unwelcome surprise, usually only found when furniture gets shifted. We can assess the severity of it and advise you on treatment.

Don't give up on your furniture’s great looks. A steam clean of your upholstery will give it a new lease of life, and regular cleans will help it look good for years.

Stain Removal | Spot Cleaning | Mould & Mildew | Safe for your family & pets | Remove unwanted odours

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