Clean carpets reflect well on your business! And, conversely, grubby carpets do you no favours.


We recognise that our commercial clients have unique priorities and challenges: annual budgets, long opening hours, health and safety requirements, and customer expectations. We work to fit in with your needs – what’s important to you.


Commercial clients of all types often find that having a pre-determined, yet informal, maintenance program in place takes much of the irritation out of trying to keep up with carpet maintenance. The work can be staggered throughout the year, with special attention given to the high traffic areas.


Good planning also keeps the bean counters happy, your clients impressed, and your good image maintained. In addition, the regular maintenance will significantly prolong the life of your carpets.


If you are in need of experienced, professional carpet maintenance or even a single clean at a fair price, give us a call today to schedule a no cost or obligation carpet consultation.

Four important components of a commercial cleaning maintenance program:


  • Deep extraction cleaning

  • Planned in-between maintenance cleaning

  • Carpet protection

  • Periodic spot removals, as needed 


Why does carpet need protection?


When your quality carpet first left the mill it already had protector applied. However, no protection is permanent, and normal use will wear off the mill-applied protectorant.


If you leave your carpets unprotected they are more at risk of:


  • Permanent stains

  • Worn-looking traffic areas

  • Spills which won’t clean up easily

  • Soil that clings to the carpet


Why consider periodic spot removal maintenance?


Periodic or monthly spot removal of spills and general soiling is an essential component of any carpet maintenance program. When customers or clients visit your location, they may never consciously notice how clean your carpets are, however they will notice the marks and spots. By including spot cleaning in your maintenance program, you will save money and maintain the professional image your customers and clients expect.


Let Advanced Carpet Cleaning perform inexpensive frequent maintenance to keep your carpet looking great all year!

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