We specialise in low residue carpet cleaning by using a conditioning rinse formulated to remove shampoos from carpet fibres. The result is a healthier environment for you, your family and pets.


We are internationally trained, but added to that is:


  • Our friendly, professional service

  • Our many years' experience

  • Our industry knowledge

  • Our leading edge technology

  • Our unique products and processes

  • Our commitment to without fail give the best professional service and advice to every client, every time.


Advanced Carpet Cleaning offers you the choice of two proven  carpet
cleaning methods :


Steam cleaning AND dry cleaning!


We’re happy to work to your preference or we can advise which method will best suit your needs.



Deep and thorough cleaning of carpet fibres, which is well suited to:

  • all carpet constructions

  • heavily soiled carpets 

  • carpets with stains

  • properties with good ventilation after cleaning.



Leaves carpets clean AND dry.


Good for carpet maintenance (between steam cleans), or lightly soiled areas, and is well suited to:

  • winter cleaning

  • most carpet constructions

  • businesses needing short down-time such as tourist facilities, hotels, motels, backpackers, B&Bs

  • commercial areas such as admin spaces, gyms, preschools

  • where there’s a mix of carpet and hard floors to be cleaned

  • tenanted properties with carpets in good condition and a short turn-around between tenants, and

  • in quiet environments such as rest homes, or other 24-hour service facilities.

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